We are a small family business - both my husband and our children play major roles in my working life as our lives overlap in so many ways daily.   I LOVE THEM DEARLY!!!  We have a great extended family within our walls as everyone thinks we are all related - perhaps we are in other levels.  I know it all works in harmony, and I would be nothing without my team to help run the tearoom smoothly.

We have always strived to provide good home-made tasty food in a cosy homely atmosphere, and somehow along the line it's turned out better and good fun along the way.  Customers who we cherish and look forward to seeing year after year, season after season, obviously enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our tearoom, and I've watched kids grow up, couples get married and old timers come back for another romantic holiday (without the kids!).   I've listened to worries, shared tears and laughed along with many of my wonderful punters and, believe it or not, I do actually love my wee tearoom and all who visit.  Even if you moan at me I'll try harder to cheer you up and hopefully you will return and remember you left smiling.


I love to make cakes and I love to make you "fu  tae burstin"!!!

I take great pleasure in feeding people and if I can't fix you emotionally I'll fill you physically with something from our vast menu - whether it be a bowl of warm filling soup, a toastie sandwich or one of our yummy cakes or traybakes.

Over the years we have tried this and that, and juggled the menu.  We've tried new products, dropped unsuccessful ones, invented new ones and given away a million bits of cake to entice people to come again tomorrow!!

It's been a formula that we now know works and of course this does include our home-made gluten free sponge.  I always make my Victoria sponge and my chocolate one with rice flour, and they will always be gluten free.   I occasionally make other options (depending on my spare time) like a coffee sponge or lemon drizzle as they have proved to be the most popular.

We provide our customers with an all round compact menu (see next page) - catering not only for gluten free but for vegetarians, vegans, and for those with dairy intolerance.

I'm afraid the only diet I cannot do is the wee diet!!!  NAE BITS O' THIS 'N THAT AVAILABLE.  Let's be honest, if you're having cake HAVE CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!!!